Top 5 Stories Of 2015

By: Selena Cardenas

Confederate symbols are banned after Charleston church massacre

After nine Africa-Americans were gunned down in June 2015,They held many debates about the confederate symbol. The gun shooting renewed the long debates about the confederate symbols that many view as racist.They finally decided to ban the confederate flag in the capital of South Carolina, the Ole Miss campus and other places across the south

The fear of Terrorism and ISIS

ISIS has carried out several attacks this year the most known attack was In November 13,2015 ISIS attacked the city of Paris.The attacks caused Islamic-fever among Europeans and Americans and left everyone wondering where would they strike next?

Donald Trump

Trump on the Rise

Despite his outrageous and incredibly insulting comments to women, muslims, and hispaniics. Trump has gained lots of attention from the media and other social networking sites. He is well-known for being a former tv star which i believe has an impact on his votes. He is in the lead in the republic campaign which strikes fear in the heart of immigrants.

Migrant Crisis Engulfs Europe

Thousands of people had to flee from Syria. The only place that is accepting refuges is Europe. But the struggle is traveling to Europe, Many have died on the journey to safety, Recently a 3-year old was found washed up on the beach dead.
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Same Sex Marriage

Many same-sex couples rushed to marry in the 13 states where such unions had not been legal, prompting cheers from supporters but protests in places like rural Kentucky, where clerk Kim Davis became a hero to some conservatives by refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.
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