party at the roman manor

come to the roman manor on june 17 1525 2:00 p.m. to party

whos allowed and behavior

if you want to come to the party come on in everyone is allowed in to the party for drinks and food. if you do something you are not supposed to do you will be kicked out and not welcomed back. some ways you can be kicked out are fighting, or arguing these are some ways you can be kicked out.


there will be the best food you've ever had there will be boar, stag, hare, quail, crane, pheasant, pheasant, partridge, heron, salmon, eel that will be the food you can eat. you can also have some fruit like strawberries, grapes, gooseberry, garlic, rose, and turnip those are some of the fruits.


to keep you company there will be music, dancers, and games. so when your not doing anything go do one of this things.