By: Donna Handshoe

Labeling People...

I honestly think that "We" label people because its just human nature. Your opinion on someone usually comes with in the first few seconds of meeting them. Like if someone were to wear expensive clothes or be on a sports team people would say that they are a "jock". Or the "preps" and so on. I feel like people who are labeled don't really like it because its not always a good thing and the people who are doing the labeling probably don't think their being mean its how they think and honestly almost everyone labels people. I feel like the labels from todays time and in this book are kind of similar. Like chris for instant.. he was labeled like nerd. Theres nerds in school. You know like the ones who always do their work and are stuck up teachers butts. And torey for instant hes like a prep or jock. That's in highschool too. The football players are the jocks and that fits him almost perfectly.. I don't really think people mean to label.. it just happens.

This is a picture of someone and all the labeles that they have..