Influences of Food

By: Jacky Sanchez

Physical needs

Vegetables, fruits, water, are all foods needed for survival. Energy level has to be high so you need plenty of sleep, and for health status you need enough of sleep, and necessary foods with enough carbs to wake you up and be active.

Psychological needs

For when your in a bad mood, you'd typically run out of hunger. When you're in a good mood you just eat what you eat everyday. For when you're in feeling sad you would stereotypically have ice cream because it can cheer you up. For body image, your just eat healthy foods.

When you eat something you like you tend to really enjoy the smell of it. You also find it very appetizing. My favorite foods include orange chicken, and rice.

Food availability

When you're hanging out with friends, its much more easy to purchase, or eat something unhealthy. When you're by yourself it's easier to get something you'll enjoy and healthy.

Social settings

mealtime- something thats going to fill you up

lunchtime- something light not so heavy but will still fill you up

movies- popcorn, but control how much you eat

other events->same