Personal Trainer

By Joey McCann

Occupation and description.

a personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction.


you can become a personal trainer by taking certified trainer tests. you can take these online or you can go to school for them.

Daily activities

Daily activities for a personal trainer is to work with all there different patients. they help there patients work out if they are new to it. they also may hep they establish an eating plan so they can stay healthy and in good shape.

Education requirments

you definitely need a high school diploma. and you need a college degree. either an associates or a bachelors degree will work.


the average salary for a person trainer is about 55,000 a year.

Skills necessary.

to be a personal trainer you must be skilled in working out and keeping your body healthy. you need to know the proper techniques to working out and be able to teach your patients.

Where would you work?

if you are a personal traner you most likely would work in a gym setting. wether if its a home gym and you go to someones house, or a community gym that alot of people go to.

Fun facts.

a personal trainer could be a male or a female. there is a 75 year old personal trainer in miami florida. my uncle is a personal trainer.
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