Drombeg stone circle

By: Noah benson

stone circle is a mystery circle located near a town called Skibbereenand a village called Glandore. rumor has it the drombeg stone circlewas the worship place of oden, Thray, and Thor .​Every 9 years at thewinter solstice norris people would go and sacrifice 9 of every thing such as cow,duck, sheep, goat, chicken,and men and women. This would happen to satisfythe gods and so they can have a good harvest season.I should say the men andwomen that are sacrificed volunteer for it .

The stone circle is known for having 15 standing stones left but it once had 17stones. The Norris people sacrifice thing every NINE years, this is probablybecause they worship nine God. People believe back in 176 a.d. That there Gododen was the bringer of all life so there for to satisfy the gods needs they wouldsacrifice nine of every living things they can find.When they sacrifice things they would it would be an elder or a preset first theywould say a prayer for every thing the kill asking for safe passing to Valhalla andthinking it because it is dying so many others can live. Next the will sit there headoff and put it in a waile .They celebrate the lives of the fallen there at drombeg after battling someonethey (as in the Norris people) have huge feasts and drink..... And por a horn outfor there fallen brothers.There would often be grave yards near stone circles like this one.