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**Monthly Chat* January 2016**

Kim & Paul Sigston ~ Scentsy Family Independent Star Directors

Welcome to Team Talkin' Scents & More! We are your Upline Star Directors and are here to help you grow your business and cheer you on in your Scentsy Family Business! Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

The New Year is HERE...time to set those Goals!!!

With a new year come new goals and if you haven’t started writing out your goals you NEED to and you NEED TO DO IT NOW!!! I started reading a book this year called Work Simply by Carson Tate. In it she suggests to set goals for very specific areas of your life: Professional; Personal; Health and Spiritual. I added Financial to mine. I love her "R.E.A.D.Y." method! R-Realistic, E-Exciting, A-Action-oriented, D-Directive (meaing that they will actually point you in the driection you want to go), Y-Yours (not simply someone else's goals for you). Start out with long term goals. Then break those goals into short term goals. Now that you have them written down, post them everywhere you go. I’m a visual person so I put pictures of my goals in my office, on my computer screen and on my phone to help keep those goals at the front of my mind! These goals should touch your soul…keep you up at night…make you want it so bad that you will do WHATEVER it takes to reach them! ALL of your goals are important. They keep you moving forward…growing and progressing through life! Let’s go out there and make 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER! I can’t wait to see the goals that you set for yourself AND your business! I BELIEVE IN YOU…YOU GOT THIS!!! Scentsy Love & Blessings in the New Year and always…Kim
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Welcome to our Talkin' Scents & More Family!

Team Talkin' Scents & More Family: Total Team Members: 41 Total Group Members: 1,629

WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! to our Newest Talkin' Scents & More Team Members who joined us Fall of 2015!


Crystal Wren of Dayton, NV


Reba Vessel of Gardnerville, NV

Desi Allen of Gardnerville, NV

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Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Happy Birthday to our Fall and January Birthday Peeps!!!

October Birthdays!

October 9th ~ Nicole Grimsley of Eagle, ID

November Birthdays!

November 5th ~ Michelle Creech of Nampa, ID

November 13th ~ Shannon Richter of Indianapolis, IN

November 28th ~ Amanda Phillips of Boise, ID

November 30th ~ Ashley Reed of Winnemucca, NV

December Birthdays!

December 3rd ~ Cassandra Graham of Vale, OR

December 5th ~ Bernadette Howell of Fernley, NV

December 6th ~ Ciana Sparks of Meridian, ID

December 8th ~ Ali Kellas of Star, ID

December 23rd ~ Priscilla Aviles of Carson City, NV

December 25th ~ Erica Conaway of Crosby, TX

January Birthdays!

January 4th ~ Ryan Guariglia of Gardnervlle, NV

January 14th ~ Shari Fritz of Round Mountain, NV

January 16th ~ Karen Bowers of Las Vegas, NV

January 25th ~ Jessi Johnson of Powell Butte, OR

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Sharing the Scentsy Family Opportunity ~~ Top Sponsors!

Christy Radford of Carson City, NV 1 New Team Members in September!

Ryan Guariglia of Gardnerville, NV 2 New Team Members in October!

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Top Team Sales~Fall!

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It's possible when you follow Ascent Academy! All it takes is a couple of seconds every day to log into your workstation and check out your daily challenge. Using Ascent academy 2-3 days per week as been proven to significantly increase your monthly PRV and add members to your team.

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Fall 2015 Incentive Trip!!!

JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT TO EARN THIS BABY!!! How close are YOU??? YOU could be going to Scentsy Family Reunion 2016 in Nashville for FREE....or....Walt Disney World for FREE!!!! Which one will it be?!?!?!

Trip qualification period is August 1, 2015 thru January 31, 2016....start earning NOW!!!

Check out the Resource Tab for all the details!!!

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Yeehaw!!! Scentsy Family Reunion 2016 is going to Nashville!

Tuesday, July 19th, 8:30am to Thursday, July 21st, 11pm

Nashville, TN, United States

Nashville, TN

JOIN US in Nashville for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion 2016!!! Put this on YOUR calendar NOW and plan on attending! REGISTRATION usually opens up in the spring! Keep an eye on the workstation for further SFR Announcements and don't miss out on this INCREDIBLE EVENT!!!

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From the Scentsy Standards on....

Appropriate Content >>>>>Terms & Conditions: Section 12 (under marketing)

"When you are representing yourself as an Independent Scentsy Consultant, you may not:

*Use rude, offensive, or vulgar content in any advertising of Scentsy-sponsored online forum;

*Disparage Scentsy, other Scentsy Consultants, Scentsy's products, the Compensation Plan, or Scentsy's board of directors, officers or employees.

The determination of inappropriate content is at the sole and absolute discretion of Scentsy"

A summary...YOU are a Business Owner that represents an amazing company! Make sure that in every action, word and attitude, you represent that company as such! Besides, (in my humble opinion) behaving or speaking in any other manner (especially on social media) doesn't make you look very professional and is likely to turn potential customers, hosts and team members away. Remember you are a business owner/professional and should always behave as one...with Scentsy Spirit in mind! <3

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Tax Time Tips!!!

Tax time tends to bring up LOTS of questions! While every state and every tax expert has different laws there are a few basic tax tips that apply to our businesses.

***Keep EVERY receipt from purchases made for your Scentsy business!

**Items you may be able to write off- supplies (catalogs, order forms, pens, ink, paper, etc.)

**Meals (when you meet a host or potential team member and discuss business)

**Car Mileage (specifically used for business)

**Scentsy logo apparel and Stickers for your vehicle (advertising)

***Receipts can be printed from your workstation for supplies and/or orders

***If you have made $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 tax form from Scentsy via the website.

***To access your 1099, go to your workstation, account tab, down the left side you will see 2015 in blue. Click to download.

*****DISCLAIMER! Please ask your tax professional for any questions regarding how to file as a business, claim your income and what you can write off as expenses!*****

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