Much Ado About Nothing

By: Caleb Paradies



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Claudio being decieved about Hero.

It was hard to find a good picture for this, but this picture here models when Claudio was deceived into thinking that Hero was unfaithful. This was an important part of the play because if this had never happened, there would really be no drama or anything exciting in the play. They would just get married as normal and move on with their lives. This event led to the wedding explosion by Claudio, and revealed that he wanted a clean wife who is honest.
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The wedding

During the wedding of Claudio and Hero, Claudio had gone furious at Hero, screaming at her and attempting to beat her. He was completely outraged of that fact that his love was dishonest. He told her terrible things and didn't want to ever see her filthiness again. This event was important because not only was it the climax of the play, but it revealed Hero's innocence to the reader and hatred from Claudio.
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The reunion of Hero and Claudio.

When everyone thought Hero was dead, she appeared again to meet Claudio and eventually end up marrying him again. The truth was exposed and Claudio was gratified. Hr had thought that he was marrying Hero's cousin, but it was actually Hero behind the mask all along. This event shows the audience the true love Hero and Claudio posses for each other.
Nick Jonas - Jealous

Jealous by Nick Jonas

The song Jealous, by Nick Jonas is a good representation of the major theme in Much Ado About Nothing. Messina is a town filled with many emotions, including love, jealousy, envy, hatred, disgust, and joy. One main emotion in the play that is a theme is jealousy. Don John is jealous of Claudio and Hero, so he develops a hatred for Claudio and plots a deceiving plan of action to Claudio and Hero apart. In the song Jealous, the first two lines are as follows: "I don't like the way he's looking at you. I'm starting to think you want him too." Clearly there is jealously being demonstrated here, just like how Don John was jealous of Claudio because he won over Hero.