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Welcome to Deer Creek's Principal Post: 4|29|16

His Patience is Endless

Standardize testing has a sneaky way of sucking joy from classrooms, doesn't it? I was administering a test on Wednesday and my first task included training a student to fill in the bubbles appropriately. I was tempted to chastise the student (“How many times have I told you? You should know this by now!”) but the thought occurred to me–how many times have I done that to God? How many times has He corrected me with loving-kindness only for me to turn around and make the exact same mistakes over and over again, sometimes even willfully! What if Jesus treated us that way: “This is the last time I’m going to tell you to do this. Next time, forget it, I’m not helping you..." His patience is endless, and that is how He calls us to be.

Thanks for encouraging your students to "show off their learning" by way of Terra Nova tests. We know how valuable this data can be as we get to know our students better, and learn how we can improve curriculum.

Great Things at DCCS This Week

  • Mrs. Esparza took stewardship to a whole new level in the Extended Care program. Her and the kids peeled a bin of old crayons and melted, molded and turned them into multi-colored flowers. Great thinking! (pic below)
  • Another goofy minute-to-win-it. Do you think you could keep 3 balloons floating in the air for 60 seconds (no helium allowed!)?
  • K3 and 3rd grade teamed up for reading buddies on Friday afternoon.
  • Students crushed Terra Nova tests. Excited to use this data with purpose.
  • 3 teachers and 2 staff toured four Bright Promise schools in downtown Chicago: Daystar School, Humboldt Community Christian School, Salem Christian School, Cornerstone Academy
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On The Docket

Monday, May 2

  • PTF Meeting @ 7:00p --> Please attend and cast your vote for 2016-2017 PTF Officers. We have candidates for all five leadership roles!

Tuesday, May 3

  • Faculty Devotions @ 8:00a

Wednesday, May 4

  • Popcorn Day

Thursday, May 5

  • Lower Chapel at 9:00a, Upper Chapel at 2:20p
  • K3 Trip to the Crete Library - 9:30-11:00a and Tea for Moms
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch: Lunch will be provided for all staff by the PTF. Scrementis will be at school by 11:20am.
  • Athletic Banquet @ 7:00p

Friday, May 6 (NO SChOOL - Teacher Inservice Day)
  • All K-8 Teaching Faculty meet in the "Ladie's Parlor" at our new campus at 9:00am. Our inservice will include: SMARTboards training, new room assignments, tech exploration, Field Day planning and more.


May 9-13 - MAP Testing in Mathematics

May 16-20 - MAP Testing in Reading

Have you heard? We're movin'!

Staff, please be aware of the following dates which we discuss at our latest faculty meeting.

April 25: Inventory Deadline

May 6: Teacher Sorting Day

May 7: Spring Cleanup Day

May 27 - June 3: Pack and Label Room

June 4: All School Moving Day | Moving boxes of materials, desks, chairs and tables

June 8: IT Moving Day | Moving IT Equipment (computers, printers, projectors) and more

June 11: All School Moving Day | Wall items (bulletin boards, white boards)

August 19: Classrooms Ready

Sign-up below to take part in this community move!

Have a great weekend, team!