Puppy Pal News

brought to you by: Mrs. Pernick and Mrs. McIntosh

This Week:

What an exciting week we had with 3 parent visitors for our Community Helper unit. On Monday, Ms. Sarita and Ms. Marilyn from Hunter's family came to school to make Juice and smooties. Ms. Sarita owns Jungle Juice Bar in Grosse Pointe Park and the children loved learning about juicing and smoothies. They all tasted both a smoothie and juice that had kale and spinach in it. Every single child asked for more!!! Thank you Saria and Marilyn.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Karmanos came to talk about Work It Out. The Puppy Pals learned that there are children that live near us who don't have Gym class, and that Work It out provides physical education (yoga) opportunities for these children. Everyone did yoga to the story Good Night Yoga. The children did a great job and loved the "bird" pose the best. Then they learned what a yoga flow is. Thank you so much for the book Kai and coming to teach us Mrs. Karmanos. Namiste

On Friday, Mrs. Trautman (Charlie's mommy) came to teach us about being a teacher. She read the story Incredible You!!! She had the children discuss the 10 ways to let your greatness shine through. The children shared something that they were scared of and then something they are great at. They were all great listeners and it was fun to hear their responses. Thank you Mrs. Trautman for taking time to come over to the Lower school.

We had a fun time on St. Patricks Day Thursday. We are sure you heard about the Leprechaun coming into our classroom and he even used our potty.

Thank you Hunter for the delicious snacks the Puppy Pals enjoyed them.

Next Week

Next week is a short week. The children only have school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will resume from spring break on April 4th.

On Wednesday, we will have our PK3 level Community Helper dress up day. Your child can dress up as a community helper. Please remember that a community helper is not a superhero or princess. We have extra costumes if you need some help with finding something to wear just let us know.

Rithik is the Puppy Pal of the week

Something short for the Sharing Basket (because of our short week)

Last, please watch the weather and send in the appropriate outdoor clothing.....I was informed that it might snow on Tuesday morning. Yuck!!!

Have a wonderful weekend


Amy and Kathleen

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