Have you or anyone you know been through or did something that changed there or your life either with love,drama??


This book was about stories that have happen to people and how it changed them,between love,dramait took place in Harlem New York.Letha had a child at a young age and cant afford to support the child,her father had died and at his funeral her mother did something very different,her brother stayed in trouble.Then her mom became sick after using drugs for so long and she had to take care of her while trying to keep the beauty salon open that her mom had owned but there was no money coming in from that.Then her brother had a baby with some girl that he thought was fine and she had got arrested for doing something that he had got her into,Letha had a friend that was in church and her boyfriend was very loyal but a jerk he wanted her to do things she didnt want to do.''the search for personal identity is at the heart of this lyrical collection,and so is sense of place''


my favorite part of the book was when Curtis invited a girl to a house that wasn't even his house and he has left her in a room while he went to find protection just in case she changed her mind then he heard the owner of the house come home then he jumped out the window and left her sitting there and she got arrested

i chose this book because one of the stories in the book related to one of my situations

my opinion on the book was that i actually really liked it because the stories of the people were funny an they tought you life lessons

i like this book because it was like a comedy,drama in the same thing

i disliked it because it was kinda said to hear what the people went though but then again it tought you a lesson

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Overall I would rate this book a 9.5

because it was a good book and it helps you understand more about that you have to appricate what you have because you could go though something that would impact your life forever

i would recommend this book to 14 and up so you could understand it more and it talks about things that younger children shouldn't know right now