sanford book pushers

sept 30

What is Share Day?

Share Day is a day set aside each month when we stay after school as an entire faculty for Professional Development. The goal is to have full participation and in order to achieve that we have put together the dates for the entire school year (see below). Please avoid scheduling appointments so that you can attend and we can all learn together. Collective teacher efficacy is considered an extremely high yield activity--in other words, we all get smarter when we work together.

Our first Share Day is Tuesday October 4. Food is served, well, 'a snack not a meal' and PD should conclude around 415-430.


Oct 4

Nov 7

Dec 7

Jan 12

Feb 15

March 13

April 13

Major Initiatives

Sanford Book Pushers

Book Review Culture

40 Book Challenge

Concrete Representational Abstract Model in Math

Sanford Stand Together

Layer in Action Item: Review 40 Book Challenge Action Steps in the email sent by Brigitt. How does your class visibly represent the Book Pusher/Book Review/Book Challenge culture?

Action Items

  • Conferencing with families and maintaining log of communication and conferences
  • Cumulative Folder Checklist completed--due Sept 30 to Brigitt
  • All pet food or edible items stored in classrooms should be placed in sealed plastic containers
  • Do you have student work posted in the hallway?
  • K and 1 Teachers take a picture of at least one Morning Experience activity that you have set up for use at Share Day PD on Tuesday

Lesson Plan Look For's

Lesson Plan document Look For: The use of the NNPS Weekly Overview Document for each area: Math, Reading, Content.

If you are using another format such as an online plan book, your plan should include the 4E's and the elements that are in the NNPS Weekly Overview

Weekly Lesson Planning Tool emphasis should be on the 4E's (Engage, Explain, Explore, Evaluate), Learning Targets, and Formative Assessment. I will email the Weekly Overview and also attach it as an "Announcement" on SharePoint.


Sept 30 Student Cumulative Folder Checklist is due to Brigitt

Oct 4 Picture Day

Oct 4 Share Day (school wide Professional Development day) 315pm

Oct 5 Book Pusher Shirt Day

Oct 6 Student Flu Clinic for those who submitted flu permission form

Oct 7 1/2 Day for Students

Oct 13 Lead Team Meeting (time TBA)

Oct 18 First three items in Talent Ed are due (see email)

Oct 18 A Major Event: Math PD for grades 2-5 at 3:15 (all grades 2-5 teacher must attend)

Oct 20 Social Committee: You've Been Mugged Event

Oct 27 Reading Night and Launching 40 Book Challenge to families 530-700 (all teachers encouraged to attend)