Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

By Samuel Dzioba

Unbalanced Forces

An unbalanced force is when an object changes direction due to forces being applied to the object become unequal and force the object in a different direction than before.

Balanced Forces

When forces are balanced an object doesn't change direction but keeps moving in a single direction or stays still.
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The first picture shows balanced forces. The kids are pulling the rope equally in both directions. The second picture shows unbalanced forces. The kids on the left side are pulling with 400 newtons and the kids on the right are pulling with 300 newtons of force.

Since the kids on the left are pulling harder they are pulling the kids on the right. The net force of the first picture is 0 and the net force of the second picture is 100 newtons.

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More Pictures

Both the men are pulling with the same force and are an example of balanced forces.

If they are both pulling with 800 newtons of force the net force is 0.

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Unbalanced Force

The wagon is moving in one direction with 80 newtons and the resistance is 40 newtons. Since the resistance is weaker than the wagon's force it moves forward. The net force is 40 newtons.