Big Data Cat

prepared by Envisage Associates

Your Go-To-Marketing and PR Department

December 21, 2012

We are pleased to offer you a menu of services which we can provide for Big Data Cat, based on the needs you discussed with us. Outlined below are ways we develop publicity, engage audiences and build the reputation of Big Data Cat from a marketing and PR approach.

Marketing | $3,400/mo.

  • Community Outreach Development and Management
  • Research target audience and where they congregate
  • Join those discussions and contribute meaningfully around the topics and product
  • Set up and promote Big Data Cat user groups (forums)
  • Set up early-adopter program
  • Generate awareness and drive subscriptions of the product in the market
  • Promote topics and discussions within forums for your target market
  • Reputation Management: Monitor ratings and comments online and responses from BDC
  • Parlay Big Data Cat's users success stories into case studies and media opportunities
  • Put Big Data Cat and its message in front of all the potential users who would recognize their need for the product
  • Develop topics and publish regularly scheduled blogs
  • Develop articles and newsletters
  • Script and production of film videos*
  • Interview users and write testimonials
  • Review and analyze the customer experience
  • TweetLeadz subscription program ($1000/mo.) to scan Twitter for keywords and respond instantly
  • Copywriting and editing on any existing materials on an as-needed basis

  • *Videographer costs not included.

Public Relations | $5500/mo.

PR Strategy Development | Company and Product Messaging | Media Relations | Buzz Generation |

  • Develop corporate messaging: Identify the audiences and where they get their information from, and tailor specific messages to each audience
  • Develop the company's "story" - this is what gets the media interested in featuring your company
  • Position Big Data Cat in the market, as a powerful, affordable solution for day traders and academics in quant trading
  • Develop any taglines, buzzwords, and other reputational devices to promote Big Data Cat's differentiation in the market
  • Write press releases*
  • Promote the company as an interesting guest on panels and as a speaker at conferences
  • Social media strategy, messaging, execution and maintenance
  • Promote Big Data Cat to local, regional and national press - print, radio, magazines, blogs, newspapers, online media
  • Collect testimonials and package them for promotional purposes
  • Research events and pitch Jeremy for speaking opportunities
  • Map out Editorial Calendars and promote Big Data Cat's story to editors
  • Develop database of awards and apply the company for applicable industry awards

*Wire services fees not included

Experiential Marketing (+ Events) Not included in this proposal

  • Promote Big Data Cat at SXSW 2013
  • Execute SXSW PR buzz generation ramping up to March launch
  • Plan promotions for SXSW 2013 (guerrilla marketing, giveaways, media opportunities)