With Lightning comes Thunder

By: Travis Springer


A Tornado is a wind vortex is created while spinning. It's a weather cause and is created when warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico collide with cool dry air from Canada. This creates instability in the air.

The Impact

It destroys almost everything in its path, including buildings, trees, and houses. It can also rip up the roots of crops and destroy farmland. The debris can also pollute ponds. harming fish, ducks, and other animals.

The impact on humans is far worse. It destroys homes, harm, and even kill humans. Tornadoes kill up to 60 people a year on average.

Safety Tips

If your are in a multiple story building, go to the lowest floor, and basement if the building has one. Stay away from windows and watch out for flying debris. It's recommended that you are in the center of the building and that you are under a table. If you are outside take cover in a vehicle, and down in the floor board with a blanket or cushion over your body. Another option is to drive to your nearest safe house.

Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley is the most common area for Tornadoes. It runs through Texas up to Chicago. It's called Tornado Alley because it's the most common area for Tornadoes in the US. About 1,200 Tornadoes occur each year.
Tornado in Manzanita Oregon

Interesting Facts

Tornadoes can go up to 300 miles per hour. Tornadoes can form in water and fire too. No terrain is safe from tornadoes.

Our Plan

We will sell wristbands and have and informational meeting on 10/19/16. All profits and proceeds will go to communities who are still rebuilding their city.