Lemonade Stand 2.0 - Startup Kids

Learn to think like Lean Startup entrepreneurs:

Students will learn:

1) How to pinpoint problems in the community to solve.

2) About branding, marketing, & the power of social media (inc. how to be safe on social media).

3) How to conduct customer discovery.

4) How to prototype.

5) How to test the product.

6) How to make an investor pitch.

7) To build analytical skills!

Deliverable: Lay the foundation of a startup business; produce an investor pitch (business plan for startups) with a prototype.

Definition of a startup: An idea that has not been validated as a business yet.

Class Overview

What age group?

Ages 7 and up

Course is organized mainly in student-led, small group style with teacher acting as facilitator.

Yang Camp's curriculum and concepts were developed from Eric Ries' The Lean Startup, Stanford's Institute of Design, Finland's education system, and Summit Public Schools.

Creator, Yang Camp

Vivy Chao, Ed.D.

Blogger, The Huffington Post

Community Manager, Infobitt.com

Former Assistant Principal, STEM private school

Former EdTech CEO, Nanoogo

Former Faculty, CSU Long Beach