The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiosity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology


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Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, March 14: PLC Collaboration

8:00 Trauma Informed Care Practices Conference @ PDC

1:39 PLC Collaboration

2:00 Principal Meeing re: EL Support Plan

4:00 Dr. Perez

Tuesday, March 15:

7:00 Evaluation

7:30 Evaluation

6:00 ELAC @ Learning Lab

7:00 District Dance Concert @ PDC

Wednesday, March 16:

7:45 Parent Mtg.

8:00 Metro Directors Mtg. @ PDC

8:30 Teacher Mtg.

9:38 Formal Observation

11:00 Teacher Mtg.

1:00 National Life Group

1:41 Formal Observation

2:50 Faculty Meeting @ Learning Lab

Thursday, March 17:

10:00 M. Belcher

11:00 Teacher Mtg.

12:40 Formal Observation

3:00 PD Meeting w/SDCOE @ Parent Center

Friday, March 18:

7:45 Calendar Meeting

10:00 District Mtg. @ HR

5:00 ACSA Honoring Our Own

Monday, March 21-Friday, April 1: SPRING BREAK

Certificated Staff on Break

Custodial Staff on Duty unless declared holiday or vacation

Assistant Principals on Break

Principal on Duty

March 21-24: Office Open

Monday, March 21: Office Open

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:30 Girls Lacrosse vs. BVH (on call)

Tuesday, March 22:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:30 Softball vs. Madison HS (on call)

Wednesday, March 23:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:30 Girls Lacrosse vs. Point Loma HS (on call)

Thursday, March 24:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:30 Girls Lacrosse vs. CPH

3:30 JV Softball vs. ORH

Friday, March 25:


3:30 Softball vs. Oceanside HS (on call)

3:30 Boys Lacrosse vs. Gompers (on call)

March 28-April 1: Office Closed

Monday, March 28: Office Closed


Tuesday, March 29:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:00 Baseball vs. OHS (on call)

Wednesday, March 30:

8:00 Credit Recovery

Thursday, March 31:

8:00 Credit Recovery

3:00 Track vs. SYH

3:00 Baseball vs. SYH

3:30 Lacrosse vs. OHS

Friday, April 1:

8:00 Credit Recovery

4:00 CTFLC @ Learning Lab

Saturday, April 2:

10:00 Novice Softball vs. OHS (on call)

10:30 Baseball vs. High Tech High (on call)

1:00 JV Baseball vs. High Tech High (on call)


Monday, April 4: Staff Reports Back; Students Report Back; PLC Collaboration


Tuesday, April 5: PLC Collaboration

7:30 Formal Observation

Wednesday, April 6:

7:30 Jim Morris Visit

11:55 Lunch with CVHS Sponsors

12:37 Formal Observation

Thursday, April 7:

9:00 Principals' PLC @ SOH

12:37 Dept. Chair Mtg. @ Learning Lab

Friday, April 8:

7:45 Calendar

Saturday, April 9:

8:00 Saturday School

Kudos, Thanks, and Transitions

  • Kudos to Joe Lara for coordinating a successful and well-attended Most Improved Breakfast. Many thanks to all who nominated students and recognized effort and hard work. A big thank you also goes to Leslie McClelland for her assistance with certificates and logistics.
  • Congratulations to Judy Beaver, Eduardo Romero, Dr. Conrad Bruderer, and Tony Atienza. All had successful District or school showacases and concerts (Choir, Vocal Music Association, Orchestra, and Ballet Folklorico). Kudos! Many thanks to John McCourt and Charles Batchman for sound and lights!
  • Kudos to Jennette Duarte. The Lighthouse Cares Foundation, of which she is affiliated with, donated 43 sturdy and warm jackets this winter season to our students who needed them. Each jacket was purchased with the student's specific size and fit in mind. Total cost of all these? About $1300.00. A very big thank you!!


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Students continued to integrate relevance in academics and history by offering their services to maintaining our gardens and laying the foundation for the Victory Garden. Students from Diana Kulhanek, Dr. Suzanne Larsen, and Maria Galleher's classes weeded, prepared the land, replanted, learned to identify beneficial pests using the UC Davis agricultural website, and harvested their first salad!

Parent Workshop Series

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Through the effort of one of our parents, Mrs. Antonia May, and in cooperation with our Categorical Office under the leadership of Marisol Higareda, the District Attorney's Office of San Diego County started presenting a series of workshops of high interest to parents designed to inform them so they can guide and protect their children. Last Friday, parents listened to the DA's office present on human trafficking. A big thank you to Marisol Higareda and Rosalinda Macias for their help in coordinating this event. We had about 35 parents attend.

Student-Led Conferences

We are very excited this year to implement 9th grade student led conferences. A student led conference is a process where each 9th grade student will develop an academic portfolio with written reflections on their work samples. We are asking for our Freshmen students to take a step back and reflect on their academic progress for their first semester and a half of high school.

Our 9th grade students will invite their parent/guardian to attend this conference between April 18 – 21 and lead a them through an academic discussion and highlight the work they have selected for their portfolio. At the end of the conference the student and parent/guardian will collaborate on future goals.

I want to thank the 9th grade English teachers for taking a lead on making sure the portfolios are complete. They have taken it as their responsibility to collect work from all classes to ensure students and parents have something to talk about. They are also giving students an opportunity to practice what they are going to say in the conference.

Your assistance is needed. If you are a teacher of a 9th grade student in Math, Science, Social Science, PE, World Languages, SCPA, or even Electives, I have an expectation that you have guided your student to choosing the work to include in their portfolio. Yes, you may even choose the work for them. I also have an expectation that you will give your students class time to complete their Work Reflection Form. These forms were placed in your mailbox last week. Ninth grade students know to put their work with their reflection form in their portfolio folders. Thank you for your assistance in helping them complete the portfolio folders.

Our goal is to have the students finish the bulk of their portfolios before Spring Break.

Any questions regarding Student Led Conferences should be directed to Mr. Lara.

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • How am I building on skills learned first semester to help students be successful second semester?
  • How am I conveying, with clarity, the purpose of the day's lesson, how the day's agenda supports its completion, and the evidence that students need to show for completion/mastery?
  • How am I developing creating opportunities for structured student interaction?
  • How have I planned for possible misconceptions?
  • How am I scaffolding for English Learners and/or Students With Disabilities?
  • How am I grouping my students so that they are helping each other reach their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) as they collaborate?

Faculty Meeting: March 16, 2016

Please plan to attend the Faculty Meeting to be held at the Learning Lab on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. The agenda is as follows:

  • Fishbowl Activity: Student Perceptions on Culture at CVHS
  • Reflection

See you there!

PLC Collaboration

  • Please work on the agenda that you had agreed upon based on your last PLC collaboration.
  • The Science Department will be engaged in safety training.
  • A reminder that everyone is expected to stay on campus until the end of the PLC time. Thank you for your professionalism.
  • Consider the following suggestion: Specifically concentrate your planning around anticipating student difficulties or misconceptions in your lessons. From your experience or from data you have, what misconceptions or difficulties do students have with the lesson/unit you are/will be presenting? How do you/will you plan differently to address anticipated misconceptions or difficulties in learning of students? I truly believe that by just doing this will make a big difference in student learning, engagement, and achievement.
  • Minutes should include products (lessons, CFA's, adjusted lesson plans, specific agreements on instructional strategy use) that should be uploaded to our CANVAS page. I want to see the result/s of your collaboration. Please see your Curriculum Coach for assistance, if needed.

  • Thank you for your focused engagement and hard work!

Culture Corner: Transforming Classrooms Through The Power of Building Relationships

With intentional action using these strategies, relationships between students and teachers will become stronger and classrooms can be transformed.

There is no “I” in Team

Find ways to do group work, but hand pick groups to force kids out of their comfort zones. This will give them opportunities to interact with others who they may have never chosen on their own. This generation loves collaboration.

Before You Leave For Break

We continue to assist in the effort to save electricity. Sandra Gray will distribute the red checklist for energy conservation. Please note:
  • Unplug your computer and small appliances. Leave your refrigerator door open to let it air. Please take food home.
  • Secure classroom valuables and your personal property in locked cabinets. If you cannot secure your personal property, take it home.
  • A decluttered room is a safer room. The custodians will be cleaning classrooms. Please help them do their work better by putting away important papers or throwing out unnecessary ones.
  • The office will be closed from March 25-April 1. Friday, March 25 and Monday, March 28 are declared holidays. The custodians will be on campus the remaining days of the two weeks but gates will be locked. Coaches will be conducting practice and will have access to facilities for their sport. If you need to be on campus, please contact Garry Cabogason. If you are already on campus, please let Garry, Lou Rojas, or any custodian know. Please limit your stay to custodian duty hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

For The Common Good

  • CVTV and TV: We have had major challenges with our CVTV. I know and understand that staff looks forward to have CVTV shown on TV. Turn on your TV and voila! It's there. Unfortunately, the system to run CVTV through television is not working properly. Since online access has not been successful for everyone, all CVTV news will be read over the PA. Welcome back to the 20th century. We make do. Please note that CVTV news will be posted online for future access. Thank you for your understanding as we try to solve our TV connectivity issues.
  • SAFETY CORNER: If you have any concerns about a safety hazard in your work area or anywhere on campus as a result of facilities or furniture, please let our Safety Officer, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, know either by E-mail or by personally telling him.

Chula Vista High In The News: Victory Garden