A Hero for the Ages

Responsibility, Honesty, Real-Life

As representative of Indiana's fourth district, it is important for me to be accountable and easy to relate to for my constituents.

My Beliefs


A good education is critical to the foundation of our nation. I believe that all schools are different, but can be held to a common minimum that can and should be added to to fit each school's needs. It is important to have high standards for the best teachers in order to provide a high-quality education, not just the best technology.

Social Welfare

While I believe that no one ought to be hungry or homeless, I do not believe the government has the means to pay for aid programs. These should be privately provided as much as possible. I propose that the best way to promote aid to these programs is by individuals.

Foreign Policy

Membership in the UN is highly important, but it is not the responsibility of the United States to act as the international police force. Respect for other nations is key despite disagreements. Intervention is necessary in cases of human rights violations, but in other cases the USA must respect the sovereignty of other governments.

Committee Membership

  • House Committee on Education and the Workforce (Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education)
  • House Small Business Committee (Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy, and Trade)


... was born and raised in Pittsboro, IN. He attended Ball State University for a degree in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. After working as a teacher for several years, He also attended Indiana University for an MBA.

He lives in Brownsburg, IN, with his wife, son and daughter.