Grover Cleveland

Our 22nd and 24th President

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I get knocked down but I get up again...

Grover Cleveland was the president from 1885-1897. In his presidency he did many good things, and help many people.

The Presidency


President Cleveland did many things in office. things that made him a good president and a good man. President Cleveland stopped strikes, promoted civil rights, and believed that government jobs shouldn't be decided by the spoils system.

Pullman Strike

A strike began against the Pullman Company over low wages and twelve-hour workdays, and sympathy strikes, led by American Railroad Union leader Eugene Debs, soon followed. By June 1894, 125,000 railroad workers were on strike. President Cleveland, with help from the Attorney General, sent fedral troops to stop the strike before anymore violence was done.

Civil Rights

President Cleveland also supported the 15th amendment, and used troops to enforce it. Though Cleveland did not appoint any African Americans to patronage jobs he did let Fredric Douglass to continue his job as recorder of deeds, and let him appoint another to replace him when he retired.

Spoils System

Soon after taking office, Cleveland was faced with the task of filling all the government jobs which the president had the power to appoint them. These jobs were filled under the spoils system, but Cleveland said that he would not fire any Republican who was doing his job well, and would not appoint anyone solely on the basis of party service.