Welcome To Wake County

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Wake county facts

  • Wake county is home to our state capital Raleigh.
  • Wake county is in the central region or the metropolitan region.
  • Wake county got its name in honor of William Tryon's wife Margret Wane Tryon.
  • there are a total of 7 members on the County Board of Commissioners.
  • 2 of the natural land marks Wake county are Pullen Park and Lake Johnson Park.
  • 2 tourest attractions are Cameron Park and Cameron Village historical district.
  • Granville, Franklin, Nash, Johnson, Harnett, Chathom and Durham all border Wake county.

County Seat

  • the county seat is in Raleigh.
  • There are 8 members of the city/town council.
  • The city/town manager is Ruffin L. Hall.
  • The mayor of Wake County is Nancy McFarlane.
  • The County is known for its warming climate, sports teams,parks and museums, and all the history that is there.
  • some tourist attractions are the county parks, restaurants and historical sightings.