Valentine's Day!

February 12th

Valentine Card Exchange:

In kindergarten we are NOT having a party for Valentine's Day.

But we WILL be having a Valentine Card Exchange on February 12. This will be a student only day in kindergarten. All you need to do is be sure your child has a simple Valentine card for all the students in their class. It is up to you if you wish to send Valentine cards for only their class or all the classes. We've included a list of all the children.

We will be making collection bags in school, so there is no need to decorate a fancy box at home. Just Valentine cards are needed. It is always nice if the cards are written by your child. We are sending this letter home early enough that if the kids write 5-10 names a night, it can easily be accomplished!

No vamos a tener una fiesta en Kindergarten de San Valentin.
Pero si vamos a traer cartitas a la escuela el dia 12 de febrero para los demas ninos.
Se puede traer para su clase solo, o para todos los 4 clases. NO vamos a traer cajas elaboradas en casa porque los vamos a crear y decorar en la escuela.