Survival Guide for

Appalachian mountain

Climate and Geography

The climate in the summer is 70 degrees to 80 degrees, in the winter its 30 to 60 ,its temperate range.

The 4 steps to survive in Appalachian mountain

  1. The first thing you do you need to build shelter.
  2. After your done building your shelter you need to find food.
  3. Once you find water you need to hunt for food.
  4. Then you need to hunt animal for clothes for night.
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Animal that can be helpful

Bear can be helpful in many ways.When the bear is hunting for fish you kill it and you get a fish,meat,and clothes.

Animal that can be harmful

They can be harmful the bear can chop your head off.When you hunting the bear you plans and go wrong and always have backup plan.
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Plant Life

Sun flower is very helpful you can get birds and then kill the birds. You can also eat the sun flower seed.The red berry are not helpful they are not edible and they are very poisonous.