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August 19, 2019

THANK YOU! You all are Rock Stars!

I am so impressed with how many of our teachers are jumping in with Canvas right out of the gate! You guys have been rocking it and I am so excited to see the wonderful things you are going to do this year! Right now we have almost 150 Blueprint courses created for LTHS in Canvas ready for you to use!

Student Responsible Use Policy

The Student Responsible Use Policy (RUP) has been updated this year in the Student Handbook. Please familiarize yourself with the things that students are and are not allowed to do.

You may see an effect in your classrooms with this revised policy as we continue to work to ensure we are protecting student privacy.

You can find a copy of the revised student RUP here with this year's changes highlighted in blue.

Missing- UT Chromebook #1

Yep- already! We are missing Chromebook #1 from the UT cart. If you see it wandering around, please bring it to me or Victoria.

Any Aggies that want to make a joke about UT and #1 being missing- The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You!

New Students to LT

New students automatically get all their accounts created for them including their computer login, their Google account, their HAC account, their Canvas account, etc.

Here is a sheet that tells you how students access all their stuff!

Teachers, you can look up student Gmail addresses if the kids aren't sure what they are. Just click on the student name in eschool and look at the contact tab in the student tray that pops up.

Posting Pictures of Kids on Social Media

At this point we do NOT have the list of who is and is not cleared for having their photo taken and posted online. Please refrain from posting pictures of students until we communicate with you about this further.

Right now we have a working list and Julie Hess has emailed all of those who have withheld permission for their children's photos to be used. We are already narrowing the list down. When we get to a point where we have a reasonable number, I will contact the teachers of the children on the list to let you know who cannot be photographed. I will keep you posted as to where we are in this process.

Canvas FAQ- What questions I have been hearing

How do Kids Get to Canvas? From their desktop, they go through the portal. On the app, they need to choose their school and their school is NOT Lebanon Trail, it is Frisco ISD.

How do kids log in to Canvas? they use their student ID as their username and the 8 digit birthday as their password MMDDYYYY

How do they log in to Canvas through the student app? The key is that their "school" is Frisco ISD. Instructions

I made a bunch of assignments but my kids click Enter the course and they aren't there. What's up with that? When students click the "Enter Class" button on the LTHS Template landing page, it takes them to the course modules. If you haven't put your assignments in a Module, then the kids will have to click the wor=d assignments on the left to find them. This is NOT the ideal setup. Ideally, once you create assignments, pages, quizzes, discussions, etc, you add those things to Modules where you organize them for student consumption.

Parents May Be Interested In...

Guide for Parents Accessing Canvas- This guide is available on the LTHS Web SIte under the Resources Page. This process is driven by the parent and student. Essentially, students go into their own accounts and retrieve a join code that their parents use to set up a Canvas account. You as the teacher need not be part of that process other than to pass the info on! Want a copy? Here you go!

Current Color Printer Status

The color printer in C133 is working, however, it is taking about forever to let you log in. So in the meantime, here is the workaround. if you will put your documents in Google Drive (yes, you can leave them in their original format in Google Drive) then you can use the library login (it is written on a note on the computer) and print from your Google Drive. OR if you prefer not to upload your documents to Google, you could log in to the computer using the library login and then access your H drive through the staff portal and print that way.

Print Shop Questions?

I discovered last week that the print shop has some great resources in the Help section! I am not sure I had looked at it before, but there is some really good info there if you have been wondering how to use the Print Shop.

I want to also point out that there is information there on using Hot Folders. These are magic folders that will help you resize things and convert to PDF or rotate. It's a pretty slick and yet little known resource out there!

Click here to visit Print Shop Help or just go to the Print Shop and click the How-To Videos button.

Friendly reminder- jobs over 100 impressions should go to the Print Center. We are going through toner as if we have money to replace it!

Standard Email Signature

Don't forget to set up your official email signature! There is a wizard here that will walk you through the process. You must do this on campus.

You will need to set up your signature on webmail and additionally on any computer where you use the Outlook client (the desktop icon). So if you use the desktop version of Outlook in your classroom and in your workroom and you use webmail at home, you will have to set up your signature in three places.

Big picture

Cool stuff coming- using Google with Canvas!

Okay, I don't want to spring just everything on you at once, so I am going to wait a bit to worry about instruction on how to do more stuff in Canvas until we get settled in just a touch.

But...you have to know how cool this is! You can use something called Google Course Kit in Canvas to do some of the things that you could do in Google Classroom, and that includes their new plagiarism checker that you might have been hearing about the last couple of days!

So mark your calendars because I am going to do a couple of trainings on utilizing Google Course Kit with Canvas in September.

Face to Face Trainings- 4 options

B112 - September 11

8-8:30 am

Mega Lunch A

Mega Lunch B

or 4:30- 5 pm

Or join one of my webinars

September 12

Mega Lunch A with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/j/806597568

Mega Lunch B with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/j/806597568 (yes, it is the same as A lunch)

or 4:30-5:00 with this URL https://Region10.zoom.us/j/4696336003

These will be recorded!

The Library has been re-keyed!

You can now access the library with your room key! So even if Ashley and I have left for the day, you can access the library to return your equipment!

If the door is locked when you arrive, please remember to lock it behind you when you leave :)

Are you short Chromebooks for Class?

In very specific situations, you may find that you do not have enough Chromebooks for class.

1- out of service or lost Chromebooks in a cart mean that you don't have enough

2- you have more than 30 kids in a class

In these scenarios specifically, when reserving two carts will not get you enough Chromebooks for your class, you may check out a couple of Chromebooks from Ashley to get you to the number you need.

Please note, the purpose of this process is not to provide classrooms with only a couple Chromebooks for class. We cannot possibly fill all of those needs. But if you are already reserving two carts and two carts will not get you enough Chromebooks for all of your students, please let us know so that we can help.