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What is a gear?

A gear is a mechanism or a group of parts performing one function .Gears are used for changing the speed or direction of a gear.They are many different types of gears which are bevel gear, worm gear , a rack and pinion gear , gear train spur gear and a compound gear

Gear system

All but some gear system could change the speed and direction depending on the gears . gear systems are two gears connected to each other so it works. A gear system has 2 gears altogether .

Rack and pinion gear

A rack and pinion gear is a single gear toothed racked . The rack maybe slide or stay in the same place . The rack and pinion changes circular motion into another motion in a straight line

Gear train

A gear train is when three or more gears connecting to make a gear train. There are 3 different sizes for each gear the three sizes are small , meduim and large but the smallest gear rotats faster than the large gear

Compound gear

A compound gear is when it has more than one gear connected on the same axle . A compound gear has a number of teeth that are different size . It is useful needed to speed up or slow down


Did you know a clock has gears ? Yes it has gears , the gears are located in the inside the clock at the back of the clock in the inside. this are some facts about the clock's system each gear has 120 gears altogther in the clock's gear system , each gear in the clock's system has a weight of 8.1 ratio . clocks are found in buildings s, aparements houses and class rooms. This how the clock's gear system works all of the gears turns to the right side the anchor turns both right side and left side . If you have been wondering if there is mechinal advantage , well your answer is yes there is mehincal advantage because you don't use that much effort in system. the hands on the clock are actually moved from the gears on the back
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