Digital Differentiation with Google Tools

Meet the academic needs of every student, differentiate, and allow for choice with Google. Learn about color-coded Google Presentations linked through QR codes; Google Slides/Docs choice boards with leveled rows to meet learning objectives; Google Forms to determine grouping; and the No-Fail remediation quiz.

First Things First: Differentiation Basics

There are 3 basic ways to differentiate for learners:

  • Content: What you want students to know, understand, and do
  • Process: How students engage with the content to build understanding
  • Product: What students create to demonstrate their understanding

Getting Started: Differentiate with Google Tools

Check out this list of thought-starters for how to use different Google Apps for Education to differentiate for your students.

Our staff brainstormed this list of ideas during a PD session to experience the collaborative nature of Google Docs and share ideas across all content areas. We started with a blank document and let teachers add where they felt comfortable to model differentiation and choice for them.

Big Idea #1: Choice Boards

Big Idea #2: Group Students

Pre-assess with programs like Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, etc. and group by academic ability on a given topic (remember, groups are always fluid).

Group by interest/topic/learning style/skill

Big Idea #3: Branching Forms with Logic

Use student responses to Google Form to skip/advance questions. Forms can have embedded videos, images, and/or tutorials inside the form for remediation. Use data validation to require correct answers before moving on or submitting.

Try It!

Take this quiz to assess what you already know how to do in Google. After you submit your quiz, check your email for your personalized results. The email will guide you to a section of the Google-opoly Choice Board to explore with more resources for differentiation with Google.

Tracey Waid

Assistant Principal for Instruction

Mooresville High School

Mooresville, NC