Caesar's adviser


- Threat to kill the king

- Accepting bribes

- Slandering

A common man like any other man that was consumed for the desire of power and the position as a king to run Rome at his will.

Even though Cassius was once Caesars soldier friend, over time he stared growing jealousy and hatred towards Caesar due to the power and attention. When his desire for power started to grow he also started to spread through close friends influencing them to take part of his plan for a better Rome and to help all the people but that was not the case do to the fact that all what Cassius wanted was to be at the top of all men and Rome. He wouldn't have achieved this without persuading one of his close friend, Brutus, who filled him with false ideas that Cassius knew the ideas would lead only to his own success.


Cassius is consider a threat to the Republic of Rome due to the fact that he has treated to kill the king Caesar. Also because eye-witnesses from the villages of Rome have said to hear conversations of the conspirators and their plan and seen the conspirators hide in strange places all at ones. Anymore...Cassius asked someone to kill him due to the fall of their plan. Guards, at the direction of Mark Antony, are in purist of the remaining conspirators to avoid a rise of rebellions that can be the caused of Cassius death. They are also known as a threat due to know further information of them or what they are going to do next.


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