All About Me

Anna Biondo


I have my dad Mike, mom Michelle, sister Gabby, brothers Joe and Michael. I have my grandma Wilma and my grandma Mary Pat. My grandpa's names are Jerry and Marion. Then a german shepard named Max and a cat that just had babies.

My bestfriends are Bailee, Selena, Holly, Dominique, Ashleigh and Katie. I am really close to my cousin Emilee.

The picture the the right is my sister, me, and cousin Laurel.


The sport that takes up most of my time is softball. I have been playing softball for 11 years. I play for Mac-N-Seitz Legacy and the Belton Pirates. I am a pitcher and short-stop.

Some of the clubs I am apart of is STUCO, A+, Service Learning, and NHS.

Growing Up

I'm not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up. I am trying all different types of classes for each career path. The one that I have most interest in is Buisness Management. I wouldn't mind owning my own buisness of some sort.