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January Shout Outs!

A big shout out goes to Ms. Scott for allowing me to come and teach her Parenting and Early Childhood Development classes all about children's literature! Students learned what makes a great children's book. We had so much fun discussing our favorite books!

If you would like me to come and teach your class a lesson, feel free to ask! Ideas include (but are not limited to) research methods, creating a works cited, website evaluation, and, presentation methods.

Thank you to the following teachers who came to visit us during this busy month: Mr. DiMauro, Mrs. Cordero, Ms. Mikan, Mr. Mishriky, Mr. Turgeon, Mr. LaPorte, Mrs. Midford, and Mr. Jankowski. We look forward to seeing more of you in February!
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Technology Spotlight

Have you ever found an article or picture online, but when you hit print the entire page or pages print? Such a waste of paper! I have the solution- Print Friendly! Print Friendly makes any webpage print friendly. Simply cut and paste the page you want into the "print preview" bar. From there you can choose whether or not you want the images and delete the sections you don't want printed. You can save your end result as a PDF or print it immediately. Check it out!

Copyright and You: Movies

According to Federal Copyright Law, a license is required to show movies in a school building (family movie nights, after school care, student rewards, indoor recess, holidays, staffing emergencies, etc...)- including in the classroom unless you can prove the movie ties into your curriculum.

The district has purchased a 5 year license. Movies may be obtained from any legal source such as video rental store, retail outlet, or your personal collection. The studio coverage for this license includes: Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBC/Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate Films, MGM, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Summit Entertainment, Focus Features, Miramax, Warner Independent Pictures, Fine Line Features and United Artists.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.