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December 14-18, 2015



Monday, Dec 14

7th Girls Basketball vs. N Richland @ WMS

7th Boys Basketball vs. N Richland @ NRMS

Choir Winter Concerts 6th Grade @6:00 pm-7th/8th Grade @ 7:00 pm

Vision Screen sponsored by Haltom City Lions Club 4:00-8:00 pm

Tuesday, Dec 15

Band Winter Concert 7:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec 16

10 days till Christmas!

Thursday, Dec 17

Student 1/2 day dismissal at 1:25

8th Girls Basketball vs. N Richland @ N. Richland

8th Boys Basketball vs. N Richland @ WMS

Friday, Dec 18

Student 1/2 day dismissal at 1:25

Choir Caroling Tour 12:00-7:00 pm

8th Boys Basketball vs. N. Richland @ WMS







All Portables


100 Hall

300 Hall


NE Rooms


200 Hall

400 Hall



Tech Ed


Auditorium - Saujon

Cafeteria - Seale

200 Hall am - Raynsford

300 Hall am - T. Kidd

Parking pm - Strawn

Warrior Way pm - Speak

Sweeper - Strittmatter

How to Help Effective Teachers Stay in Love with the Classroom

In this Education Week article, Scott Sterling says that after five years teaching middle school in a high-poverty district in Florida, he felt burned out and left the classroom. He misses the relationships with students and the feeling of making a difference in their lives, and offers five suggestions for what school leaders can do if they want to keep their best teachers from suffering a similar fate:

Orchestrate staff bonding and collaboration. Teacher collegiality shouldn’t be based on random friendships and cliques, says Sterling. Grade-level, subject-area, and cross-curricular meetings need to be built into the schedule, and agendas should focus on planning units and lessons and examining student learning results, not administrative matters (which should be handled in e-mails and memos).

Provide high-quality professional development. “Rah-rah speeches and deep dives into neurological research might be entertaining or even engaging,” says Sterling, “but they rarely translate into a difference in the classroom.” Better to ask teachers what will be helpful and organize truly relevant PD, some of it led by colleagues.

Give staff members a voice in schoolwide affairs. “Set aside some time, either during a faculty meeting or at a separate gathering, to have a constructive conversation about how the school is working for everyone,” he suggests. To prevent the conversation from being hijacked by a minority of negative staff members, conduct a survey beforehand that gives the whole faculty a chance to choose from a range of possible issues.

Challenge teachers within their success zone. “Successful teachers can sometimes get bored with being successful,” says Sterling. “Stagnation leads to burnout. Burnout leads to teachers leaving.” But it’s not always a good idea to assign these teachers to very challenging students or give them a radically different schedule, he says. Better to encourage pre-burnout teachers to try a new curriculum or a classroom practice at the edge of their comfort zone.

Find opportunities for district-wide impact. Some successful teachers want to move on to district-level or school-leadership positions, but many want to stay in the classroom. Smart district leaders find ways for these teachers to have broader impact and get the recognition they deserve – perhaps leading district webinars, temporary coaching assignments, or short-term interventions helping teachers at another school. “Coaching from district personnel is one thing,” says Sterling. “Coaching from a mentor-teacher who is still in the classroom every day is quite another.”

“Extinguishing a Burnout: Actionable Ideas to Keep Teachers Engaged in Their Careers” by Scott Sterling in Education Week, December 2, 2015 (Vol. 35, #13, p. 28), www.edweek.org
Mapping Tool

This new feature from National Geographic allows educators and students to customize one-page maps for downloading, e-mailing, printing, or sharing.

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Tweeter of the WEEK!

Thank you to Donna Herndon for her participation in this week's district Twitter Chat.

You can join each Tuesday at 8:00pm. Questions can be found in the Digital Learning News sent by Mark Thomas each week.

Questions? See Tosh or Christine. (@birdville_DL)

*** December will be a fun, unique month of Twitter Challenges. Enjoy!***


(Don't forget to send Ms. Houston your Twitter handle when you join.)

WMS AVID tours SMU and the Perot Museum

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WORD within a WORD

bio (life) biography, biology, biomorphic, biochemistry

auto (self) autobiography, automobile, autograph, automatic

port (carry) transport, import, report, deport, important, portage

scrib (write) scribble, inscribe, scribe, describe, conscription

logy (science) biology, anthropology, geology, mythology

dict (say) dictionary, predict, malediction, dictation, addict

cred (believe) credit, incredible, credible, incredulous

cent (one hundred) century, bicentennial, centimeter, centipede

neo (new) neologism, neophyte, neon, neonatal

ad (to) adhesive, adapt, addendum, addition, adherent, addict


Big thank you to all who made the AVID SMU trip fabulous! Shannon, Ginger, Thalia, Cathy, Rhiannon, Travis Kidd, Matt, and all the 8th grade teachers. The kids had a great time, and most importantly, we left with 47 and returned with 47. Success! ~Margaret~

Looking Forward To 2016!

Wed, Jan 6 - LOL Mtg. 7:30 am

Wed, Jan 6 - Faculty Mtg./Grade Level Mtg. 4:00 pm

Fri, Jan 8 - Select Art Field Trip 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Wed, Jan 13 - AVID Site Team Mtg.

Thurs, Jan 14 - Scoliosis Screening in PE Classes

Thurs, Jan 14 - All Day ARDS

Fri, Jan 15 - Activity Night 4:00pm - 6:00 pm

Mon, Jan 18 - FLEX Day

Construction is coming!!

The parking lot...

In an effort to assist the ease of constructing the new Science addition, Admin needs your help. Please DO NOT park in the spots in the most Eastern part of the parking lot. All spots to the right of Ms. Ross's spot, will be inaccessible when we return from Christmas Vacation on January 4, 2016. You have been forewarned. Be prepared!
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