Health Crisis in Africa

How AIDS has affected Africa and its people

AIDS in Africa

More than 60% of people living in Africa live with the HIV/AIDS virus. It has also been the leading disease with the most deaths. Part of the reason for large number of people affected is due to education, and poverty. Many Africans are uninformed about the disease and simply cant afford the medical treatment. As a result, some nations have seen a negative influence on population growth. Many children are left as orphans.

Pictures of victims diagnosed with other diseases in Africa

What has been done?

Most infected South Africans do not get the HIV care they need. Their only chance at care is through publicly funded. Only 20 percent of South Africans have private insurance or access to privately funded care. As a result, the public clinics are short-staffed, have long lines, are poorly equipped and maintained, and sadly there is little government initiative to address the problem.