Ms. Kennon's Chem 1 Parent News

September 9, 2015

Open House

Open House will be held tomorrow evening, September 10th at 6:00 pm at the high school. Please report to the auditorium at 6:00 for a brief meeting and to pick up your child's schedule.

College representatives will be in the commons area during open house. This is a wonderful time to talk to them about what they have to offer in majors and scholarships and to ask about setting up campus visits. I encourage you to visit the campus of any college your child might be interested in attending.

Upcoming Test

We will be having a test next Tuesday, September 15th over chapters 3-5, which is a review of topics studied in Intro to Chemistry and Physics (ICP). Several students have been attending the after school and before school review sessions I have been having for the past few weeks. I will have another one tomorrow (Sept 10th) after school. I addressed specific topics at each session so students could choose when to come based on what topics they felt like they needed extra help on. Tomorrow's will be on dimensional analysis. I will also be staying after school on Monday so students can come by and ask any last minute questions before the test on Tuesday.

We started working on a practice test in class today as a review. They should be working on it some tonight and we will finish it and go over the answers tomorrow in class. Friday and Monday in class will be dedicated to going over any topics they are still unsure about.

I have put quite a few review items on Edmodo. Encourage your child to use these as they study at home.