Literacy News from Sarah Pagogna

October 2021 Edition

Essential Instructional Practice focus for October- Essential 3 Small Group Instruction

The teacher:

• ensures that children use most of their time actually reading and writing (or working toward this goal in kindergarten and early first grade)

• coaches children as they engage in reading and writing, with reading prompts focusing primarily on (a) monitoring for meaning, (b) letters and groups of letters in words, (c) rereading

• employs practices for developing reading fluency, such as repeated reading, echo reading, paired and partner reading

• includes explicit instruction, as needed, in word recognition strategies, including multi-syllabic word decoding, text structure, comprehension strategies, and writing strategies

• is deliberate in providing quality instruction to children in all groups, with meaning-making the ultimate goal of each group’s work

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September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month

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