Emily R.


A theme of my life is friends at your side even if your not friends because I lost my friend and I ended up finding my best friend because she stuck by my side. When I lost my old friend and found my new friends I realized how much I cherished my friends and how friends are there for you.


Dynasty all stars

Dynasty all stars is where my Old Best Friend and I started cheerleading together at. Dynasty all stars is also where I met my cheer team, Honor. This place is where my friendship started to deteriorate and is also the place I will never forget.

Norwalk Middle School

Norwalk Middle School is part of my setting because it is where I found my friends. This place is also where I lost my old best friend.

Plot Events

The Day My Old Best Friend And I Joined Cheerleading Together

Thursday, Aug. 8th 2013 at 12pm

Dynasty All Stars

My Old Best Friend and I were going to a tumbling gym called Dynasty All Stars. We found out that they have competitve cheerleading tryouts coming up ,so we decided it would be fun to tryout together. We both had made cheerleading and had both moved up another level in cheerleading.

The Fight

Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 9pm

Norwalk Middle School, Cherry Street, Norwalk, IA, United States and Dynasty

My best friend and I kinda started not talking as much. We then got in a huge argument. We decided we were better off not being best friends anymore. When this happen cheerleading wasn't as much fun anymore. We both got moved up another level in cheerleading and I was on a team with people I didn't know. Over the months I realized how much fun they were. At school I had no one to talk to. I started hanging out with two girls named Briley and Abi. They introduced me to Julia who I would then discover would be my best friend.

My New Best Friend

Wednesday, March 19th, 9pm

200 Cherry St

Norwalk, IA

I started hanging out with Julia. We both had a lot in common. We would hang out almost everyday. That day when I met her I knew this was my best friend. When I realized I had a new best friend, I started to realize how much friendship really means. I also realized that even in a bad situation something bad will come out of it.

Turning Point

I would say the turning point in my story would be when I met my new best friend. When I met her that really was a wake up call for me. That made me realize how much friendship really means. It made me understand that you need friends to help you through a bad situation and that even in a bad situation something good will come out of it. For instance, I got in a fight with my friend and I thought the world was ending ,but then I met Julia who turned my world around.

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