Slaves and Indentured Servants

BY. Zachary Hart


Have you ever thought what it was like to be an Indentured Servant or a Slave,well I have and these are some facts about it.A slaves life back then was not fair.They didn't have certain wrights like us and most of the time were separated from there families.An Indentured Servants life is different from a Slaves life because they work for a certain amount of time in return to go to America or get something.Freedom meant everything for slaves and Indentured Servants so Slaves and Indentured Servants ran away on pirate ships or went to the northern colonies to be free.Overall this is a Slaves life,an Indentured servants life,and what you had to do to get freedom.

A Slaves Life

Have you ever thought what a slaves life was like? Back when people lived in colonies, slavery started. Slaves are people who work on farms,plantations,and sometimes were trades people.They work for their whole lives without pay and usually get separated from their families and sold.On each plantation they had a slavery code which got stricter as the plantation grew. On each plantation it has an area called the slave qauters. It was a beat down area with little houses.In different colonies slaves where used differently. In the southern colonies, slaves where used to work on plantations harvesting cash crops. In the middle colonies, slaves where field hands,house servants,and trades people.That was a slaves life.

An Indentured Servants Life

Do you know what an Indentured Servant is? I do, and these are some facts about them. An indentured Servant is a person who serves somebody for a certain amount of time. In return to go some place or get something. Specifically, they could have received money to pay for their ticket, a home or simply to learn a trade. The system of Indenturing servants began in the 1600's. The first Indentured Servants came from England and Scotland. Many entered into indentures to work in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Peru and the West Indies. Indentured servants often helped inside the house with chores. Also, they helped with production of sugar cane and other crops that might be sold. Indentured labor had been illegal since late 1800 or early 1900.

What Freedom Meant and To Get It

Freedom was prized among both slaves and indentured servants. It was something that they all wanted. Slaves and indentured servant want freedom because they did not want to work all of their lives. They want to be able to go places, have a family and have a little time for themselves. One way to get freedom was to run away. One could also escape on the Underground Railroad, or pirate ship. When escaping on a pirate ship, your life turns into a life of adventure. Most of the time you are offered a place to stay and food to keep you healthy. Escaping on the Underground Railroad would mean that travel would go from the southern colonies to the northern colonies, where slavery was not as common. Running away without a plan was not wise because slave masters did not stop until they found the slave that ran away. They did this because slaves were considered property. As you can see, freedom was not easy to come by. It took a lot of planning and patience.


In conclusion, though the colonies were built with the idea of freedom and liberty for all, this was not always the case. Colonies, unfortunately, were built on the backs of both indentured servants and slaves. Slaves might have been small in number from the start, but soon outnumbered European Colonists in the end. Indentured servants were more useful before slaves came along because slaves were easier to get and worked for their whole lives, expecting nothing in return. Slaves and indentured servants both had the idea of wanting to be free, but usually never had the chance to become free.


separated: to set or keep apart
illegal: not allowed by the law
production: process of making or growing something for sale or use


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