Chyna's Best Work

C. Thomas 6

About Me

Hi My Name Is Chyna And This Is My Online Portfolio My English Teacher is Ms.Jones.My favorite color is PINK!!!!!!! I Like To Text/Talk On The Phone.


I am writing this portfolio to publish my work and to get other peoples opinions.I will benefit this by getting pointers/advice on my work i publish.

6 word Memoir

On The Phone All Night Long.

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a sunflower because i shine.

Favorite Quote

"good things come to those who wait" Quote 26

Reflection Of Persuasive Essay

My Essay was mostly about winning the best friend award. i would stay that the strengths would be the quotes and how they were use and the weaknesses/dislike would be transition words or making everything flow.if i could change it i would try to make it flow better.

About me BioPoem

Antigone BioPoem


i am relative of Creon, Ismene ,Haimon

Lover of family,War,Brave,Brothers

Who protect family & Friends

Who needs help

Who fears nothing

Who gives everything

Resident of Thebes

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

  1. What did you do well? From my point of view i think i did well on gathering together information.
  2. What do You need to work on? I would saying that i would need to work on staying on topic.
  3. Why is this my favorite essay?Because it aloud me to write about something that i don't normally do?