Digital Citizenship Project

Bailey H. p.3

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is being safe and kind on the internet. Some people get online and talk to people unkindly. Just because you don't know them doesn't mean they don't have feelings. It is important to know Digital Citizenship's importance because some people get bullied online and don't tell anyone, and sometimes this gets very serious and they may injure themselves or others. Digital Citizenship is also about not telling anyone your personal info, this can lead to money loss, spams, and many more.

Rule #1: Think before you post!

Don't post something you wouldn't say or do in real life.

Rule #1: Keep personal information to yourself.......

Information Privacy is keeping your personal information to yourself, you can avoid spams, bad emails, and such by not giving any website or link any of your personal information.

#1 Rule for Social Networking

Don' post anything you wouldn't want your parents, teachers, classmates, potential employers, or collage admission officers to see.

Rule #1 for Online Safety

Keep your identity a secret.

Cyberbully #1 Rule

Don't post anything embarrassing to yourself or others, but if you do get cyber bullied then contact a teacher or adult.

Rule #1 for Plagiarism

Don't use someone else's words directly,you give the author credit, and you also put them in quotation marks, this is called "verbatim."

Copyright's #1 Rule

If you have your own website you now own it by law and others will have to ask your permission to use information on that website.
Social, Smart, Secure. Tips for Staying Safe Online