The Horrific Holocaust

By: Sydney Griffin

This is what the Holocaust did to them

Camp life changed the prisoners well being their love and their idea of hope. It changed their belief in God and their want to live. Prisoners in the Holocaust reached a point were they were killing their loved ones just for a bite of bread. They started to become selfish and not caring if their siblings lived or died. All they wanted was food and water. Taking matters into their own hands by killing or attacking someone for food. They became a mass number of people just trying to survive not knowing what was going to happen next. If they lived or died.


Written By: Elie Wiesel

There are many themes in the book "Night." I chose a few to share with you today. Man's inhumanity to man is one. This theme is telling us about the horrific things that mankind is doing to man. Man is torturing man. The second one i chose is father-son relationships. In the beginning Elie and his father were separated from his sister and mother. Elie and his dad were very close just like some of the other prisoners were to their fathers. After months of hardly any food and water the prisoners started to turn into wild animals. They would give anything for food or water. Even killing there own fathers. These father and son relationships began to fall and Elie actually witnessed a son that killed his father for a bite of bread. The last one I chose was Faith. Faith is a huge theme. Jews had very good faith in God. Throughout this horrific time they lost faith. They started to think why is God doing this to us. They had lost all faith.

What this book has done for me

This amazing novel has made me realize what I take for granite. Even the little things like a toothbrush or ponytail. The prisoners didn't have these things. It expands my knowledge about the world and how someone could do such things to these people. These times just blow my mind. What kind of person would do these things to such innocent people.