Honey Badger Weekly

News and Notes from around the field

Welcome to Q2!!

Let's start with some fun stuff (not that the rest of this newsletter is bad stuff)... some Spring Break pics......... the real reason we all work so hard every day.

Upcoming Events


Things that are going on....

A town hall soon to talk about Q1 results and many excellent performances.

A road trip to CA to drive a ton of client connectivity... including Gatland, Hayes, McCoy, Holl, Z Dog, Ruane, Pederson, Omenn... Gatland has dubbed it the CA Ironman. We are going to meet with a ton of CA accounts large and small. We'll discuss contract restructuring, talk about integrated marketing and the new MDR story, and work to keep the competition out of our west coast accounts. Connect Connect Connect, Agile and MCH are calling our accounts daily - long term relationship is not enough, stay connected, fresh, and lead.

Another resource for the field????... stay tuned for an announcement.

Please remember to separate WeAreTeachers, Amplifier, and Custom (Agency) in SFDC opportunities - even if part of a bundled agreement. Management appreciates your compliance on this important issue :-).

Some thank you's.....

The entire field sales org for hanging in during a slightly distracting Q1 and remaining focused on driving good results.

Stephanie Nash for jumping in with both feet and providing great pre sales support and consulting on WeAreTeachers engagements.

The PC's and AM's - this whole thing grinds to a halt without your efforts.

Steve Morse for agreeing to help us with some Sales Ops stuff... and fixing a few reporting problems immediately. More to come I'm sure.

Hopp and Dallmann for staying focused and supporting their teams. A lot of things go on behind the scenes relating to comp and administrative issues and these guys operate with their teams best interest in mind 100% of the time. They also have to put up with me.

The "HB Call" team. Donnine, Hannah, Andy, Moira (others) for being available and helping us vet ideas leading to creative, winning proposals. We really rely on you guys.

Calling all Pipeline

Current Pipeline: $7.4 Million

Pipeline we need to be successful (and make up our deficit) by the end of Q2: $10.8 Million

Can we get all the way to $10.8? Maybe, maybe not, but we have to own the effort, every day, that's our job. If each of you can add another $100k this month, that's $1.6 million and we'll be on our way. I think we have a solid and growing number of campaign solutions, we've improved the support structure, documentation and case studies (new success storied being compiled daily) so let's run with it. If you have resource questions please let me know. Refer to your 2015 plans, block out pure selling time each day and don't let anything interfere with it. The field has always led this organization in terms of finding new, large exciting opportunities, the next one (and 10) is out there - hook em and we'll help you close them.

Wonderful Story

Take a look at this short article. Kevin Streelman is a family friend (my in law's god son) and a great guy. What he did for this kid is truly awesome and will likely bring a tear to your eye. Cheer for him this weekend (starting today) at the Masters. Be well - stay focused on what matters.