Linking Course Sections

Combine multiple rosters into one in Teams Gradebook

Connect class rosters in the same period for grades, attendance, or both.

  1. Go to Teacher Menu >Teacher Connect Sections

  2. In the first drop down option, labeled "Course Section (parent): ", select the course section (“Parent” section) to connect other rosters.

    1. Use non SI or CT sections for parent

  3. In the second drop down, labeled "Course Section (child): ", select the course section (‘child”) to be merged.

    1. You will be guided to pick section(s) in the same class period

  4. The third drop down, "Connection Type" allows you to select where you want to link these rosters: Attendance, Gradebook, or Both.

    1. If different assignments and/or grades are given, select “attendance” only.

  5. Click Add
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