Environmental Engineering

By: Acacia Wood

What is it?

Environmental Engineering is a branch of engineering that works to protect & improve the environment. Engineers in this field work to correct damages inflicted upon the environment by previous human activity as well as protect it from future human activity. They also work to protect humans & civilizations from adverse environmental factors. They work to design ways to keep up with advancing technology & the possibilities of what may happen to the environment as well as solve naturally occurring issues such as global warming.

A Typical Day

Environmental engineers typically apply the principles of engineering, soil science, biology & chemistry to develop solutions to various naturally occurring & human caused environmental problems. Where they work depends on who they're working with & what they're working on. The common issues they work to resolve include: recycling, pollution, global warming & waste. They may do a variety of things that include designing projects, analyzing data, advise corporations & agencies, provide technical support & more.


The average salary of an environmental engineer varies depending on who, where & what position they were hired. The average salary of an environmental engineer is typically between $80k & $85k. The highest they may get paid in some places is more than $120k, while some may earn as low as $50k a year.


Classes in chemistry, biology, physics, algebra, trigonometry & calculus taken in high school would be helpful for those who already know they want to be an environmental engineer because it puts them on the right track to more required education. Entry-level positions in this field require at least a bachelor's degree to get the job. Degrees from ABET-accredited programs are also sometimes necessary in becoming a licensed engineer. Passing the FE & PE exams are also requirements to become a professional licensed engineer, not to mention work experience as well.

Why become one?

The only reason that I would want to become an environmental engineer is to help find ways to improve the environment & further protect it from the dangers of the world that are mostly all results of human behavior.