The idiot proof guide

to word press

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How to set up Your word-press account!

In this simple guide I'm going to explain how to set up you new word-press account in a step by step fashion please refer the step number to the picture number below in the gallery for example step 1 will be picture one in the gallery.

Step 1. Picture one

go to the word-press homepage and click on "get started" this button is bright orange

Step 2.Fill in the blank spaces with your email and create a site name and user name if a red cross appears this means the names taken and you must choose another. when this is done click on create free blog option to start you free bloging experience.

Step 3.Your account is now created you will now be taken to the WordPress dashboard it should look something like picture. now if you want to create a post go to the top right corner at press new post to create your first blog.

Step4. Choose the type of blog you want in this case we will choose text click on the text icon to get started

Step 5.Enter your topic and blog about your chosen topic when your happy with your work click on the publish post option

Step 6. well done! you have created a blog if you would like some more advanced information please see our more advanced guide below which will showcase some more advanced features such as security an who can view your post.

The Advanced guide!

Advanced features Feature 1 Admin controls

In this guide we are going to explain some more advanced features and why you might want to use them remember these are optional and not needed to compete a blog.

Feature 1. Admin controls from your dashboard select the users option on the left hand side tool bar when you have done this you should see an admin bar with your account as the admin this means you and only you can edit the information shown on the site you can add a new admin by clicking on the invite new users to your word-press .com hyper link add in there email and username add you will be able to have them as admin and edit your work very good when you want your blog constantly updated. However note the security threats only give admin control to people you know and trust and not a stranger a stranger could destroy your work and have access to you details avoid this by only giving the information to people you trust!

Advanced features Feature 2 Your profile

Feature 2. on word press you have a profile where you can show your personal detail you can connect you face book twitter etc to do this go to your dashboard and click on user then click on my profile from here you add all the details you desire warning detail imputed ill be visible by anyone who views your blog make sure you do not put sensitive information here! also are you sure you want to connect certain services like Facebook twitter? remember if you do anyone will know of these profiles meaning anyone can access your information this is a useful feature but be prepared for people who will abuse it.