Road to Revolution

By: Brett James Jordan

3 Important Events

Boston Tea Party

What: The Tea act was Lord North's attempt to rescue the British east India company

When: December 16, 1773

Who: Lord North

Why: Lord North tried to save the company because it had been a huge moneymaker

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Massacre

What: A fight between soldiers and colonists

when: March 5, 1770

who: Soldiers and Colonists

why: Colonists were disappointed that troops were guarding the custom house

where: Boston, Massachusetts

Lexington and Concord

what: A battle between the British and Colonists

when: April 18, 1775

who: The british and colonists

why: A spy told the british that there was a huge supply of gunpowder with the colonists, so they decided to strike at once.

where: Lexington

Towards Independence - Part 1
Towards Independence - Part 2.avi