The Titanic...

By: Kaelyn Minor

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Everyone Should Book a Trip on the Titanic!

The Titanic is the greatest unsinkable ship in the world! It can hold 3,547 passengers in all including men, women, and children!

And all the 882 feet of glory it is perfect for a vacation!

What Does it Cost? What is the Difference in Classes?

A First Class ticket is only $2,500!

A Second Class ticket is only 60!

A Third Class ticket is only $40!

Enjoy Our Amazing Dinners!

Our First Class passengers will get to experience our 11 course dinners, Yum!

Check out our other meals on the ship!

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Have Fun On the Ships 8 Decks!

You can do many things on our 10 decks, like the many games or relax in our comfy sun chairs!
And with 908 crew members on board you will never have to wait for service!