Nike Sustainability

Nike is a company than manufactures sports products.

Sustainability Goals

Their main goal is to eliminate, reduce, and manage hazardous chemicals in the supply chain.


Nike plans to return unused water back to the communities they get it from

Sustainability Efforts

It takes 30 liters of water to dye a shirt, but Nike uses ColorDry Technology, which does not require the use of water. Instead, they use recycled Carbon Dioxide.

A website called Launch has been made to discuss and support missions to help make the world a better place.

Environmental concerns

Nike has a list that prohibits hazardous chemicals and encourages vendors to embrace green chemistry and reduce toxic chemicals.

Cool Facts

Nike's flyknit Technology has been created to use single strands of yarn to create lightweight shoes that reduces.waste and materials.

Nike has employed over 1 million worker in 44 countries and do not condone sweatshops or underage workers

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