Copper and Tungsten

By:Joshua Joseph

What Happened to Copper?

Uses for Copper

  • Wires or electrical appliances
  • Algaecide
  • Brass/ Bronze
  • Crucial component in spider's blood

How life would be affected without copper.

First, all electrical appliances would break down, then most mechanical items will stop working because bronze and brass are main components in it. Then insects, arachnids, and most crustaceans will die because copper is a main part of their bloodstream. also copper is necessary for the absorption of iron in our body.
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What Happened to Tungsten?

Uses of Tungsten.

  • Light bulb filaments
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Cutting tools
  • High voltage wires

How Life would be affected without tungsten

Though you may not realize it tungsten is a very important substance. several types of super alloys are created using it like tungsten carbide. Rockets are practically useless without the tungsten carbide tips. the edges of industrial saws also need tungsten. and lots of power grids use pure tungsten in wires as it has a high melting point. So no power either. Tungsten is slightly toxic and inhibits the reproductive system.
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