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March Newsletter

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In the past, you guys may remember the Google spreadsheet of cool tools I listed out. With so many tools being used by us, the list was getting so long, and it was hard to sort though to find the tool I needed. I have linked this spreadsheet below for you to see, but I have also made Symbaloos for each set of web tools (and then a Symbaloo of all of them together) for easy sorting. There is a collaborative tool list (which we did a PD on this week), Creation tools, Organizational tools, Assessment tools, & even a list of "consumption" tools. If you have a topic you'd like a list made of, please let me know and I'll be happy to make it. Hopefully these Symbaloos will help you find something new you want to try!
Here is the Google Spreadsheet Tool view

This is the old list that was getting so massive, I decided to reorganize into the Symbaloos

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Would you describe yourself as a facilitator of learning within your classroom? Do you do most of the talking or do your students do the talking and discussing? Read this article to see how you can talk less and get kids talking (about the topics you want) more!
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This week I went around and took some quick pictures of the layouts of different classrooms in our building... recognize yours? How do you think they layout of the classroom and feel of the room affects learning? Check out these images from our building and reflect on the atmosphere and environment of your own classroom. What good things are going on in your classroom? Are there things you can improve on?
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Do you love competition? I know a few in the building who certainly do! Fill out your March madness brackets for our Webtools and earn points just like the basketball brackets! You can fill out the digital version and share it back to me OR you can fill out a paper copy (in your box or in the teacher lunch room). No need to do both~ but I hope you'll participate for some fun (and maybe to learn about a new tool). Then, whoever has the most points, wins! See directions below!

Directions for March Madness Webtools

Compare tool 1 and 2- which do you think is the better tool (or do you think others will think is the better tool)? What about between 3 & 4? If there are tools you don't know, check them out- maybe you'll find a new one to try with your class! Then compare the winner of 1 & 2 vs. the winner of 3 & 4.... you get the point. Do it until you have picked your favorite web tool! Then submit your paper back to me (either digitally or a paper copy). All brackets are due to me by Friday the 13th! During the week of the 16th, we'll do some voting to see the winning tools and then we'll award points on the brackets. Then... we'll find who gets the most points to find our WINNER!
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Dr. Smith's Latest Newsletter

Don't forget to register your computer # via the google forms sent in this newsletter or via your email.
Remember, you will get a new computer at the end of this year and your data will not be transferred. It is your responsibility to backup your files before your computer is collected. If you do not have an external hard drive, you may want to invest in one so you can back up all the files you have collected over the past few years. Let Logan or I know if you need help picking one out for transferring your data!
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Survey #1- Favorite EOG review strategies

Survey #2- What do you want kids to know?

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April 14 will be our next PD- Topic: EOG review strategies

Master PD Attendance List

Click here to see how many sessions you have attended this year. 3 are required.

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On Tuesday, March 10, we will have an AM tech visit! Let me know if you need help planning or you have a new idea you want to try and would like some help!
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Week of March 9

6th Grade math lab

Week of March 16

4th Grade math lab

Week of March 23

No Math lab- EOQ testing

Week of March 30

Spring Break

Week of April 7

5th Grade Math lab
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Starting next week

Students can pick up an application from the help desk before 8:30 if they are interested in the announcements. Any student can apply, but they must have 2 teacher signatures and a parent signature.

Applications are due on March 20.