How to Suceed

At Presidenting


You gotta be at least 35 to be able to run, have to have been birthed in the US, and live here for at least 14 years. Most Americans can have all of these achieved in their lifetime, but very few will ever be president. This flyer will give you everything you need to know about the process, as well as a few strategies to get there. Hope you enjoy!

Steps to become President.

Step 1: Associate yourself with a political party. Democrats or Republicans are your two biggest bets. There are other possible choices, but they never win. They are not your best choice on who to side with in a presidential race.

Step 2: Campaign in ALL OF THE STATES to get support. Many people have skipped states and it's come back to hurt them, so treat every state like they're important (because they are).

Step 3: Win your Primaries and Caucuses. Your Caucuses come first, and are open to the public while your primaries are secret for a few days. This is where your party decides who they want running for office, so try to win over the other people in your party.

Step 4: Go to your national conventions, go to debates, get a running mate, and set up Adds. These allow the people to see who you for who you are. Try to be the person they would be proud to get behind and support.

Step 5: Bite your nails at the General Election. You must win at least 270 of the electoral votes to be a winner.

Step 6: Get inaugurated. This usually happens in the January after the election.

Here are some of the most popular candidates of 2016

Cannot guarantee you will win using these methods, but the process is how this all works

Try to also find people to support you.

Campaigns are expensive, and you need to get money. Corporations like to sponsor people, so be someone people like and you could get some sponsor money to carry you through.