The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank

Theme 1

The theme, people showing perseverance when faced with tough times is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. They showed perseverance in tough times when they felt like giving up and leaving. They didn’t someone at the begin but the didn’t give and get really mad them. Mr. Frank says “ Now about the noise, when the men are working below, we must have to be complete quiet.”(375-376).It would be hard to stay quiet that long and not even make a noise. They could even go to the bathroom when the workmen were there. Mr.Vann Dan “Just a little-discussion over the advisability of selling the coat. As often I remind Mrs.Van Daan it is selfish of her to keep the coat.”(390). He sold her coat so the had money to buy food. They were running really low food. They were they for over two years(410). They never went outside for two years. They couldn’t even open the windows . That is how they show perseverance throughout the play.

Theme 2

The theme, people show courage when faced with obstacles is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank.Miep and Mr. Karler hid them in the annex. They should courage because they would have been punished if the nazis found out. “I’ve got to go to the other side of town to get your ration books”(374). The ration books didn’t have their names on them so nobody found out they were living there. Ration books were books that you can get food with and other supplies. Mr. Karler hid them in the annex. “This isn’t the black market Mrs. Frank. This is the white market . . .helping all of the hundreds and hundreds who are hiding out in Amsterdam”(375).The annex is a place above Mr. Karler workshop were there was working there during the day. If they are caught hiding jews they would have the same fate we would “Thank you Mr. Frank. Thank you all Mr. Dussel, I leave you in good hand. Oh. . .Dirks coat”(391). They brought Mr. Dussel in when he was was almost caught at his last hid out. With bringing him in they would have to provide food for another person when the food is so low. That is how they show courage.


A light bulb is a symbol of Mr. Frank because he has lost everything but his still keeps on going . All of his family and friends were killed in death camps but he still has a life without them and he didn’t quit moving forward past that. He didn’t let that ruin him.


Otto Frank was born on May 12 1889. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Otto worked as a businessman before the war. Otto took his family into the annex in 1942. His office that he worked at before the war is where the annex was. It was right above the office. In 1944 the gestapo raided the annex and sent him and his family to auschwitz. He was the only one that survived. Then when the war was over he found his Annes diary and got it published in 1947.He lived till he was 91 when he died on 1980, 19 of August. He died in Birsfleden, Switzerland.
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