January Counseling Update

Betty Ross - School Counselor

Classroom Guidance

During the week of January 11, I saw all K-5 classes for a lesson. Thanks to Meg and Anna for allowing me to use their class time.

I read the book Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success by Coach John Wooden. Our K-2 students learned about the building blocks we all need to do our personal best so we can be successful. Our second graders wrote on a sticky note which block they needed to improve on the most. Check them out in the hallway.

I used a PowerPoint on Smart Goals with all 3-5 students. They went through various scenarios to practice writing smart goals as well walking them through getting their reading project completed. Each student then had to write a goal on a sticky note. Check out what your students want to work on. Display is in the hallway outside computer lab.

Class Lunch Bunches

I am enjoying eating with classes during lunch. It is giving me the opportunity to complete my check ins as well as share a quick mini lesson on respecting differences and friendships. Students seem to like eating somewhere different than the lunch room.

Schedule for lunch bunch groups

Monday: Grade 4

Tuesday: Grade 2

Wednesday: Grade 3

Friday: Grade 5

If your class hasn't met with me, they will soon.

Individuals and small groups

I continue to pull students who are referred for individual counseling sessions. This is usually done while student is in a special. If you have a question about a student, please come see me during your teacher check in time on Thursdays. You must complete the on-line referral if you expect me to work with your student.

After I finish all the lunch bunches, I will start up new small groups.

Calm My Body Boxes

I received an endowment fund grant to put calm my body boxes in all classrooms. Students and staff will be trained in how to use them. I started on Friday, January 29 with students and will complete them the first week in February.

Staff training will be held on Thursday, February 11, 2016. This is teacher check in day. Please come at the following times:

I will need grade levels to give me the full 40 minutes on this date.

8:15-8:55 Grades 4 and 5

9:50-10:30 Grades 2 and 3

1:00-1:40 Grades K and 1

All support personnel will need to come for training as well. Please pick one of the times above or on Wednesday, Feb. 10: 11:15-12:00 which is when I will train my PLC group . This group will be in Anna's room.

I am very excited about these boxes and I think that you will see the benefits of them as well. Mr. Garrett is interested in the results.