Welcome Back to Woodbrook

Sneak Peek in August

Dear Woodbrook Families,

Welcome back! I hope you and your families are enjoying a restful, happy and healthy summer.

As usual, we have been working hard behind the scenes to welcome everyone back to the best school in the world!

We are super excited to welcome everyone back, including our full day kindergarten children! Woodbrook students are absolutely wonderful when it comes to helping out our younger friends!

Here is some helpful and important information to start us off!

Arrival for the first day of school

Kindergarten and first grade children ONLY (and parents if they so desire) will meet behind the playground for arrival on the first day of school. Stand behind your class sign.

Parents must stand with their children on their class line on the first day of school.

Beginning on the second day of school, for the rest of the year, all children will line up as follows:

  • 3, 4 & 5 will always line up on the sidewalk by the playground - even on the first day of school
  • K, 1 & 2 under the canopy by the main lobby

Parents who wait with their K, 1 & 2 children under the canopy are asked to wait on the grass - there is not enough room under the canopy to have both parents and children.

Dismissal for walkers/car riders

K, 1 & 2 students will be dismissed at 3:25 to the playground area.

3, 4 & 5 students will be dismissed at 3:30 BEHIND the playground area by the fenced area which is expected to be paved (hopefully in time for the first day of school)

If you have students in both lower and upper grades, please pick up your younger child first and then walk to meet your older child behind the playground.

After Parent Portal officially opens in late August, you will receive a Google Form to let us know how to send your child home on the first day of school (and thereafter). Please be sure to complete a separate form for each one of your children at Woodbrook.

I will be in touch with more information and forms for you as we near the first day of school. Please read below to save important dates, learn of upcoming events and become familiar with some daily procedures.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! We can't wait to see you!


Mrs. Cirillo


Please read and refer to this handbook for Woodbrook's Policies and Procedures.



First Day of School

Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

No parking in the stop & drop lot

Please park legally on Robin Road.

Kindergarten Orientation

Thursday, September 1, 2022 2:30 p.m.

Bring your kindergarten children to meet their new teachers and classmates!

Enter through glass doors by the playground.

You may park in the lot by the playground and on Robin Road.

Back to School Nights

Grades 3, 4 & 5 Parents Meet their Homeroom Teachers

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 14 6:45 p.m


Optional Math Club Info Session for Parents NEW to math club (grades 3, 4 & 5 only)

Parents only, please arrange for child care.

Grades 1 & 2 Parents Meet their Homeroom Teachers

Plus, meet art, music, Spanish & physical education staff

Thursday, Sept 15 6:45 p.m.

Parents only, please arrange for child care.

Homerooms/teacher assignments will be visible in Parent Portal in late August (most likely after Aug 24).

Some people saw some information earlier on in August, as the district was reorganizing. There were many errors and omissions at that time.

Please know that nothing is finalized until the actual date listed above.

Your information may very well be different!

Please be sure to login to Parent Portal now in order to complete all of the forms.

  • You will not be able to see homeroom assignments until you complete all of the forms.

School Shirts for Sale!

Bring $10 Cash, go home with a new T-Shirt!

22-23 New Blue Woodbrook T-Shirts

For sale during Kindergarten Orientation and Back to School Nights at Woodbrook

Wear your Woodbrook Shirt every Friday to show your school spirit!

Woodbrook Shirts will also be worn on school trips in the spring.

Preparations for The New School Year

Click for Supply Lists also located on the Woodbrook Announcements Page.

If you have an incoming student, please do not wait to register them...

register immediately so you can start school on the first day!



I hope you all join the PTO by paying your dues (the PTO website will open up in a few weeks).

All of the money goes directly to benefit the children and the school.

We always need volunteers for all activities! This is a wonderful opportunity to support the school, get to know other parents and families and see your children and their friends during the special activities!

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I am sorry to say that I do not have any control of buses or their stops.

If your child rides the bus, please remember to save the link Daily Bus Dismissal Times in order to find out what time your bus leaves Woodbrook in the afternoon.

  • We do not send out phone calls as this is a real time document and everyone has access to it no matter where they are.
  • It will be updated for September with the new bus numbers/companies.


Wednesday Night 7 p.m. Parent Run Club - Volunteers Needed

Grades 3, 4 & 5 parents needed to coach math club in person in the cafe each Wednesday night beginning in early October

Please be on the lookout to sign up using your Edison School District Community Pass (the same you used last year to pay for trips).
There will be a meeting on Tuesday, September 13 in the gym after Back to School Night for any parents new to math club.

Community Pass Instructions

If you are NEW to the EDISON SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass (not the Township Pass)

Payments for Math Club, Student Trips and Camp Bernie Shirts must be made on the Edison School District Community Pass. (Will open after Parent Portal Opens.)

Once you login/create an account, you must hit the Orange REGISTER button on your Community Pass home screen.

Click on the District Fees Link to locate Woodbrook catalog and find your grade.


1. Parents are using the Edison Rec Township/Latchkey Community Pass - please do not, just use the school Community Pass. Click to go to the correct Community Pass.

2. Only use the login credentials sent to you from me, Christine Burke, or the official SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass.

3. Check all parent email addresses for that letter - many people are not checking their email.

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Click for the District Calendar

  • Thursday, Sept 1 2:30 pm - Kindergarten Orientation
  • Tuesday, Sept 6 - First Day of School!!!
  • School Closed Mon., SEPT. 26 & Tues. SEPT. 27 Rosh Hashanah

Arrival & Dismissal, Morning Club Drop Off & ABC Latchkey


  • Please do not park in spots around the circle, and/or by any yellow curbs which are fire lanes. Park in the stop & drop lot or on Robin Road.
  • Please do not leave your engines running. Turn the cars off while waiting.

Morning arrival 8:40 a.m.

  • Pull all the way up to the next available spot in line before letting your child out of the car.
  • Do NOT let your child out by the woods, near the garbage or where there is snow, mud and grass.
  • ONLY let your child out on the PASSENGER side of the car and only on the sidewalk where our Woodbrook staff stands each morning. This is for the safety of the children.
  • NO U turns by the flagpole circle...no parking in the visitor spots by the flagpole circle.


  • When students are late to school and no staff members are outside to greet them, ALL parents must park in a legal spot and sign their children into the school.
  • No one may drop off children and drive away.

When morning clubs begin in October...

Morning Club Arrival

  • Parking in the stop & drop lot for morning clubs & watch your child enter through the main doors.
  • No one is permitted to drive around the circle for club drop off.

Latchkey/ABC Drop Off & Pick Up

  • 7-8:30 a.m. Parents should park in the stop & drop lot and enter the cafe via the side cafe door by the playground.
  • 3:30-6 pm Parents should park in the stop & drop lot and enter the cafe via the side cafe door by the playground.


Please do not park in any spots marked RESERVED.

These employees need access in order to serve the children, families and staff at all times.

Send Umbrellas & Wear Boots when Rain is Expected

On rainy days students are still expected to walk down the sidewalk into the building. Please do not try to change the procedure and drop children off closest to the building because it is raining. Instead, pull up in the stop & drop lot and ensure your child is wearing rain boots and using a child size umbrella.

What to Do When Your Child is Absent

Please always ensure that you follow the TWO STEP procedure when your child is absent.

1. Call the school to report your child's absence.

2. Send a note with the REASON/doctor's note for your child's absence when your child RETURNS.

No Idling & No U Turns

Please be reminded that there is no idling when you are parked in the stop & drop lot to pick up students at 3:30 p.m. The neighbors have been complaining and have called the police to enforce the law.

In addition, be sure you are not making a U-turn by the stop & drop lot or by the flagpole. It is dangerous and it is not permitted.


The Edison Township Recreation Department office located at

100 Municipal Blvd., Edison, NJ 08817, 2nd Floor

Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Online Registration For All ABC Latchkey Community Pass

NOTE: This is NOT the same Community Pass as the Edison Schools.

Please do not confuse the two.

Recycle your Batteries at Woodbrook!

Please recycle your batteries by sending them to school with your child.

Batteries should be placed in the battery bin

located in front of our library.


This organization was founded by former student Nihal Tammana here at Woodbrook

and our current students are working hard to keep it going!